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Your Virtual Card

In this "New Normality" it is necessary to minimize health risks, for this reason it is essential to stop distributing cardboard or plastic cards and better send a Virtual Card.

Enlace de Contacto


In a Kytoi Virtual Card you can share your professional data such as:

  • Name,

  • Company where you work

  • your position,

  • Your contact telephone numbers

  • Email,

  • your social networks,

  • The address where you can be reached,

  • A downloadable catalog of your products or services.

  • Your photograph to give your prospect or client more confidence.

  • QR code of your website.

  • Your presentation video.

What is the difference between a simple image and a Kytoi Virtual Card?

  • The phone button activates to call you from the cell phone,

  • The WhatsApp button sends you a message directly, 

  • The email goes directly to your email manager to send you an email,

  • The button for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. takes you directly to your profiles,

  • The location button sends you to the geolocation of your address on Google Maps,

  • The catalog button immediately downloads the PDF of your presentation,

  • The website button sends you directly to the web browser and thus to your site.

  • The VCard button automatically downloads your contact details to your customer's address book.

All for $990 MX  annual by design and availability on the Internet

24x7, 365 days a year.


  • Hosting on our site in sub page mode, for example: and surname

  • 1 monthly update of information (for example, change of cell phone number, address, new catalog, etc.)

  • You only pay $190 MX per year for renewal.

Tambien contamos con la tarjeta versión VIP, sin publicidad por $1490 MX 1er año, renovación $490 MX

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